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About the project

2013 GOHBA Housing Design Winner!

The inspiration for Canvas, located on the shores of the Ottawa River in Old Ottawa South at 32-34 Brighton Ave, comes from the work of acclaimed artist Christopher Griffin who was commissioned to create an entire collection of paintings for this development.  It’s these canvasses that form the heart of these innovative homes.  Each house comes with one of these exclusive works of art which have also been printed onto transparent movable panels and mounted in the second floor balconies.  Acting as wind and privacy screens these movable works of art, mounted in the wooden balcony which acts as a frame, turn the street into a dynamic outdoor gallery.  They are a focal point from the interior of the houses during the day and cast a soft glow at night towards the street. The artist has also created an original concrete stucco mural that envelops the west facade that faces Brighton Beach Park.  The building’s relationship to the park has been carefully considered and what is often left as a blank elevation has been thoughtfully articulated with large windows, limestone, custom milled cedar, corrugated steel and of course the aforementioned mural which forms a focal point for the park.

Complementing the artwork that is woven into the building’s exterior is an architectural language that engages the streetscape with a modern interpretation of Ottawa’s vernacular covered wooden porches, huge windows, cantilevered balconies and recessed glazed garages that light up at night.  Built for the contemporary family and young empty nesters, the project’s interior spaces showcase home automation, custom fireplaces with solid limestone walls suspended from the ceiling above and polished concrete hearths below, a kitchen with a window backslash that frames river views, a suspended MDF ‘cloud’ ceiling with LED lighting over the dining room, floor to ceiling corner windows in the living room that look out onto the river, a master bedroom with a custom closet wall and french doors that open onto the ensuite, and light and airy floating stairs with cantilevered glass guards that lead to a rooftop patio with outdoor kitchen and outdoor living and dining rooms that look out over the river.